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People Counting

Highly accurate real-time people counting based on leading VCA edge analytics technology.

Learn. Improve.

Learn from Trend.

Footfall ( ~ 30 Oct, 2015) during weekends has been increased compared to last year. (1 Jan ~ 31 Dec, 2014)


Improving customer service by allocation of additional staff during weekend trading could lead to an increase in sales.


People Tracking

Highly accurate real-time people tracking based on leading VCA edge analytics technology.

Learn. Improve.

Continual Improvement.

Improve conversion rate by investing in the training of new and existing sales staff


New training programme commenced 1st April, 2015, since then conversion rate has steadily improved (4% to 6.1% in avg) which has led to a 52% growth in sales.

Heatmap – People Tracking


uCount.it Product Tour Video


uCount.it is based on leading VCA edge analytics technology


Background Modelling Algorithm

Background modelling algorithm identifies moving objects by learning in real-time about the scene.

Object Tracking Algorithm

Object tracking algorithm starts tracking an object once the object is distinguished from background.

Anticipation Algorithm

Anticipation algorithm recognises an object’s unique characteristics, such is its size, colour and the speed at which it is moving, to distinguish it from object in the field of view.

Accuracy Accuracy

uCount.it is based on leading VCA edge analytics technology


Bandwidth and network friendly

Only necessary data is transferred to cloud server.

Efficient, cost saving processing

uCount.it sensor reduces processing cost as a benefit of the distributed computing.


VCA will continue to operate even when there is a temporary loss of network connectivity with the cloud server. Data will continue to be captured and stored on board the sensor.

cost cost

Plug and Play.

To set up the edge device is very easy. It doesn’t requires any complicated network setting.
It will connect to uCount.it cloud in a few second after connecting power and network.

plug and play plug and play

Data Security.

Customer data security is always a top-priority with uCount.it.
We provide various levels of security methods to secure customer data.

data security data security

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For general queries and details on how to get uCount.it service, please send us an email to sales@ucountit.com.

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